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Launch of Joint Doctrine for Cyberspace Operations

Chief of Defence Staff Gen Anil Chauhan released the Joint Doctrine for Cyberspace Operations during the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC) meeting. This doctrine represents a pivotal publication designed to guide military Commanders in navigating the complexities of cyberspace operations within today’s dynamic military landscape.

In addition to the traditional domains of warfare including Land, Sea, and Air, Cyberspace has emerged as a crucial and challenging domain in modern warfare. Unlike territorial limits in the domains of land, sea, and air, cyberspace is a global common and hence has shared sovereignty. This doctrine lays emphasis on understanding military aspects of cyberspace operations and provides conceptual guidance to commanders, staff and practitioners in the planning, and conduct of operations in cyberspace, as also to raise awareness in our warfighters at all levels.

This Joint Doctrine for Cyberspace Operations will serve as a foundational guide for military Commanders, providing essential strategies and frameworks for conducting operations in the increasingly complex and vital domain of cyberspace.

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